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How to purchase your tickets! (Scroll down for festival pass)

  • Tickets are available from each of the different performance pages, as well as from this page.
  • Regular price is 160 NOK but tickets are also available at discounted prices
  • To buy childrens tickets, simply write CHILDREN in the Discount code field. If you are entitled to a student or a seniors discount, please write MODERATED in the discount field. If you carry a Kulturkort Nordland, fill in KULTURKORT. All discounts must be accounted for when you pick up your tickets.
  • All tickets must be picked up beforehand at the festival office.
  • If you have a guest pass or a festival pass we will contact you with booking instructions.
  • Many events are also free, with no need for tickets.

All performances for sale

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Annie Dorsen - The Great Outdoors
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Eirik Fauske - Vi er dette auget
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Verk produksjoner - Manifest United
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Eva Meyer-Keller - Death is Certain
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Nordland Teater - Sona/Zona
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Susie Wang - The Hum
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Alfredo Zinola & Maxwell McCarthy - Party PRE ORDERED TICKETS N/A
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Eilertsen & Granados Teaterkompani - Imagine a spot, cello edition
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Smith & Sveen - Commonism
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Amund Sjølie Sveen - Nordting Lofoten
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Numen Company - Solace
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Pickled Image - Yana and the Yeti